Modern Healthy Caveman

I really enjoy improving peoples health, I have worked with a variety of individuals and have had very powerful results. If interested drop me a mail on how I can help.

Heres a review of current client; 

Where I was before?

Prior to working with Lorcan I had four things that really needed fixing, although I didn’t realise this:

  1. Diet - I was eating badly, very badly, and spending lots of money in the process

  2. Flexibility - Lack of movement, mobility and strength. Sore and struggling to move around in general

  3. Gym - While I go to the gym a bit, I had no real structure around my training and therefore I wasn’t making many gains

  4. Lifestyle - Between work, hobbies & free time I wasn’t doing much that was satisfying.

What did I do?

I heard of some stuff Lorcan had done with others and was more intrigued than anything. I decided to have a chat with him about and found it interesting initially. I talked him through where I was at, and completed some questionnaires for him to give him a better sense of where I was at. After that we worked on everything - life goals, nutrition, flexibility, gym, planning, hobbies & more. The more time I spent planning and doing all of this, the more time I found I had.

Where am I now?

I’m about four months on now and have been delighted with the progress I have made. In work I’ve been promoted and feel like I’m handling more than ever.

In the gym I’m moving better, feeling better and putting in much better sessions, with bigger results. It used to be a case that I would be really tired before arriving in the gym and at that stage my session didn’t stand a chance, but now I’m arriving motivated and fresh and it’s a great feeling. Something as simple as being able to hook my hands under my toes - compared to not being able to get my hands near my ankles six weeks ago is a personal triumph for me!

Nutrition-wise I’ve moved a large majority of my eating to organic food, and I love it. Planning my eating has been huge for me. I really enjoy food, always have, but this stuff tastes better than almost anything I’ve ever eaten. Simple things like coconut oil, and being able to eat something hearty for breakfast and lunch I have loved.

Lifestyle has changed - I’ve added Yoga, languages and reading to what I was already doing, these are a good release from anything and Lorcan has been imperative in encouraging me to have a go at things like these.


I would most certainly recommend Lorcan to other people, particularly those working in jobs that take up a large percentage of their day. He will help you unravel what is going on at the moment and help you start plotting ways to put structure on your days to ensure you hit particular goals! It’s been great so far, and I’m very excited where it is heading now.